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What Makes Us Unique

Domination Fitness & Fight Club (DFFG) is a community based gym and has been running since 2010. We focus on catering for the whole family, from mom and dad right down to the kids.

We are a teaching facility, where our aim is to expose families to the benefits of the various martial arts. We do our utmost to focus on building people's confidence..

We believe that confident kids that believe in themselves and carry themselves with confidence have way less chance of being bullied.

They also tend to have the confidence to stand up for other kids that are being bullied as well.

So contrary to popular belief it isn’t always about the actual physical side of fighting, but the mental strength and confidence that it develops.

This confidence transcends right through to the adults, into their work environment. They tend to develop the ability to be not so easily intimidated by people in positions of power as they carry themselves with more confidence.

Our classes include Total Ftness, Boxing, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts to provide various paths of development for anyone looking to build confidence and skills and improve their health.

These classes cover every aspect of training, from sprinting to plyometric work, to olympic lifting, endurance training, functional training, unilateral and bilateral stimulation, proprioception work and some generally fun stuff. Our aim is to have as much fun as possible while pushing the body out its comfort zone.

Jui-Jitsu is taught by our resident high level brown belt Instructor Zak. We cater for both the beginner and the advanced students.

We've been the Top Boxing Gym in Durban since the day we opened. We don't do boxercise, we teach you how to box effectively. We cater for the kids, beginners and advanced students.

We teach Real Original Muay Thai. No hybrid kickboxing/karate stuff. The coach has learnt all his skills in Thailand dating back to 2007. He returns back to Thailand annually to further improve his skill set and coaching techniques.

There is also an annual training camp to Thailand in which all members are welcome to join and experience Muay Thai in its purest form for the most amazing training holiday you will ever experience.

Wrestling is an amazing sport to help develop balance, strength and agility. It's is also an incredible foundation for those wishing to start MMA. So we have have established a serious wrestling program to focus on developing and growing wrestling in Durban.

We currently train a number of EFC fighters in the various styles required for MMA. Fighters train in the same classes as members. So all members get the same training as all the amateur and pro fighters.

What Our Members Are Saying

After driving past everyday for about a month, I eventually built-up the courage to join DFFG. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made. My experience with DFFG has been nothing short of amazing.

From the first day I walked into the gym there was a great atmosphere and everyone was so friendly and welcoming, I felt like I was part of the family. Since I began training I have seen enormous changes in my body. I feel more energised, happy and ready to take life on again. Clint's principles and training methods have absolutely transformed my life.

With Clint, you get the utmost professionalism and you can see that he is really passionate about what he does and wants to help you every step of the way in overcoming your obstacles and achieving your personal goals. He is so knowledgeable about health and fitness, it's contagious. DFFG is by far the best gym I've ever experienced.

Bruce Jefferis

I happened to walk past it as it was near my office and I went in to have a look around. I was somewhat intimidated by the huge, tattooed coach and owner, Clint.

However he couldn’t have been nicer to me and I signed up there and then. I’ve trained at many gyms and have participated in mountain biking and trail running over the years. Never have I received such excellent and varied training in 30 odd years of keeping fit.

Initially I participated in the boxing classes and I even competed in a boxing competition
at the gym. After I came 2nd in my fight, I decided to cool it on the boxing and start doing the early morning fitness classes.

These are masterpieces of a coach at the top of his game. In every one of Clint’s workouts you reach a point where you feel you can’t go on. This happens irrespective of whether you are super fit or a beginner.
He’s very crafty and tailors each workout and even the machines/weights used to each individual in the class.

He knows just how far to push each and every class member. The members suffer virtually no injuries as the exercises are all very carefully explained and demonstrated before we are let loose. I am in the best shape of my life and all it takes is to get to the gym and let the coach take over. I cannot recommend Domination Gym highly enough.

Neil Knight

I walked into Domination Fitness & Fight Gym at around 112kgs I wanted to learn to lose weight, get fit and learn to fight so that o could protect myself and my family. Clint Walters gave me a long honest assessment of what I would need to do in order to achieve my own personal dreams and goals, it was not going to easy but he assured me it was also going to be a lot of fun…

I worked day by day, class after class, I stayed committed and had all the support and encouragement I needed from coaches and fellow members at DFFG and I have accomplished all my dreams and have now set more goals.

The only regret you’ll ever have is if you read this and don’t join DFFG. You'll get results you’ll become a part of a family, and DFFG will change your lifestyle, you’ll learn to be confident, you’ll learn self-discipline, you’ll learn to be respectfully and most importantly you will reach your goals, as the old saying goes a picture is better than a 1000 words..

Paul Rich aka MacPanda

My experience at DFFG has been life changing for me. It has been a journey of discipline, fitness and learning a skillset that has changed my outlook on approaching challenges.

The paradigm shift that Coach has instilled in me has translated into my everyday life. It is 100 % all the time.

Yatin Udit

The Journey

Clint has been involved in the Fitness industry since 1997 when he 1st qualified as a trainer through Reebok Instructors Alliance. Before that he competed in Sports his whole life. Getting his Junior EP Colours in swimming as well as Athletics.

He also played 3 years U19 SA Schools Rugby. After school he went to Italy to play rugby for Bilboa Rugby Lyons on returning at the age of 20 he got called up to the EP Senior Team and then eventually was offered a senior contract with the Bulls in 1996 which took him up to Pretoria.

Clint also represented SA in the Camel Trophy as well as MTN Gladiators as Blade back in the day. Clint eventually got bored of rugby and stumbled across boxing and fell in love.

He had a couple of pro fights under Nick Durandt and retired unbeaten. During his little stint in boxing he decided to start training in MMA.

Tried a couple of well known SA guys at the time and nothing really clicked for him till his friend Dylan told him to come train with this little Chinese guy called Richie that had just come back from training UFC fighters in the States.

That was it, Clint was hooked. Under the tutelage of Richie Quan Clint trained for a couple years. Richie to this Day is his Mentor. Clint always says, "if he can be half the Coach Richie is he'll be a very happy man".

Clint then decided to move to Durban with his future wife and open a gym down there with his brother in law in 2010.

The gym did okay from the day it opened but not being from Durban and Clint being such a hardass he had to live and learn and evolve. So 4 years later Clint decided to split with his brother in Law, find new premises and go it on his own.

He had a plan and a vision in his head and the only way he was going to get there was if he did it alone, being able to make his own decisions and invest money as he saw fit as well as branching off into other avenues.

Moving to a little 150sqm gym with big rental he changed the structures and the schedules.

Designed a training program focused on skills development and technical muscle development, all of this once again thanks to a small little week of training up at FFM with Richie when Donovan, Wesley and Baldwin were competing in EFC.

That little week with Richie Quan revitalized his passion for this amazing sport. That is when the new Domination Fitness and Fight Gym was truly born.

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